Clearing on Supporting dealers on supplying stock


Clearing on Supporting dealers on supplying stock
Clearing on Supporting dealers on supplying stock

Clearing on Supporting dealers on supplying stock

Our Business mode makes us need to provide support to our Mage Dealers , so that our products can quickly cover sub dealers . From Office , we do support this Action . But also because of this action , there comes with some cases that gives trouble . it damaged our name as StarTimes Sales Department , as a Team , it ruined the relationships between us and some particular dealers who trusted as , full heart . I intend to believe all of us does not come here to create troubles , while it happened because of lack of management , lack of work skills , lack of sense of responsibilities , and it lead to the results of lack of integrity . and we can not rely on signing a document to clear off the responsibility between dealers and the company.

That is why some measurements need to be taken .

Step 1

1.     I will ask X team to gently ask dealers, how many stock that sales person took from them, claim to support for supply.

2.     ZDs should ask your sales managers to provide a list , to indicate how many stock that the sales person holding for the dealers.

Step 2

1.     Every zone confirm if the documents that we ask dealer to signed last year are in the office to keep or not , if not , tell me where are they

Step 3

1.     Starts to educate the sales team about how do we supporting the dealers ,while we avoid risk.

2.     Educate them the consequences

3.     Set up standard procedures

What is the standard procedures

1.     Both of dealer and sales manager should have a note book to record the agreed qty that holding by the sales person

2.     When sales person supply to sub dealers , the money should go direct to mage dealer account, if its cash , should be deposit to mage dealer account the same day

3.     The sales person should send a massage to mage dealer to indicate the sales qty and what remains after the sale .

4.     Both of sales person and dealer should write it off from the note book

5.     Monthly bases , the sales manager should report to ZD about the stock holding

Risk and responsibility

If such actions happens again and does not been sorted out within time and properly ,Sales manager should take major responsibility on this matter (70%), ZD should take part of responsibility on this matter (20%).Sales Director should also take part of responsibility on this matter(10%)

Sign by Sales Director and ZDs:


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