Top ten medical schools in Nigeria 2018

We have gathered the list of Best Medical Schools in Nigeria based on this two main qualities 1. Facilities, and research.  The list is made to educate young Nigerians pursing their career in Medicine in Nigeria.




Medicine and surgery are one of the most celebrated professions around the world, the role of doctors and health practitioners in any society cannot be overemphasized. As an aspiring medical practitioner in Nigeria, it is important to note the top medical schools in the country that boasts of a top class teaching staff that can be compared to notable international medical schools.



Below are the list of the top ten medical schools in Nigeria, and the criteria for compiling the list include factors such as, number of notable alumni from the medical schools, amount of doctors inducted since inception, Research facilities and departments in the medical schools, teaching and non-teaching staff capacity, state of the teaching hospital in the institution and their credibility amongst experts medical service analyst.



Here are the List of Best Medical College in Nigeria





  1. University of Ibadan (UCH)


This is undoubtedly the largest medical school in Nigeria, it is often said that if the university college hospital Ibadan, cannot treat an ailment it is impossible to treat it elsewhere in the country. Being able to get admitted to the medical school is a plus and inducting from the college is another plus entirely.


  1. OAU Ife.


Obafemi Awolowo university medical school is another quality place to obtain a medical degree from, the medical school is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of ailments. The institution is equipped with modern equipment that aids in teaching and also a dedicated teaching staff that focuses on imparting knowledge to the next generation doctors and health practitioners.


  1. ABU Zaria


Ahmadu Bello University medical school is number three on the list, locate Kaduna state in Northern Nigeria, the medical school has produced thousands of medical practitioners who are experts and consultants in their various fields. The medical school is the best in the northern part of the country in terms of facilities, teaching staff and structures.


  1. Unilag


The University Of Lagos College Of Medicine was founded in the i960s and has produced qualified and experienced graduates who are experts in their various fields. The medical school handles the majority of cases in Lagos public health systems which mean that students will be taught how to diagnose and treat common ailments Nigerians are familiar with.


  1. UNN


The University of Nigeria Nsukka is situated in the eastern state of Enugu in Nigeria. It was founded in 1955.the medical school has produced thousands of experts and is equipped with both facilities and teaching staff that is committed to the medical profession.


  1. Uniben


The University of Benin is 6th on the list and is located in Edo State in southern Nigeria, the medical school has produced thousands of medical practitioners who are excelling in their various fields, the medical school also has a good teaching and nonteaching staff that is dedicated to educating the next generation medical practitioners.


  1. Uni-Ilorin


The University of Ilorin medical school has dedicated and experienced professionals who teach at the institution. The medical school is accredited by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.


  1. LASU


The Lagos state university college of medicine is also a good medical school in Nigeria to study medicine.


  1. DELSU


Delta State University Abraka is situated in Delta State in Southern Nigeria and is also a good place to study medicine.


  1. Niger Delta University


The Niger Delta University (NDU) is situated in Bayelsa State and is one of the top ten medical schools in Nigeria.





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