Tips on How to Remove Stretch Marks

we have gathered the detailed Tips on how to remove Stretch Marks from your body Naturally 


Stretch marks, these unsightly marks that can distort the beauty of men and women most especially. They are generally associated with pregnancy, significant weight gain, growth spurts during puberty and other rapid transformations. Stretch marks are appearing when the skin undergoes an extension beyond the limits of its elasticity. These irregular marks are marks on the skin surface when it is stretched and fibres which provide collagen and elastin to break the dermis. Initially, the marks are dark brown but over time they acquire a darkish tone, and then become very difficult to remove. There are some natural products that are very good to reduce stretch marks and also to prevent their formation  as far as possible,. In this article we tell you how to remove stretch marks naturally and fast in less than 2 weeks.

How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally 

The Vitamin E is one of the most beneficial for our skin care vitamins as it is perfect to fight aging and promote proper circulation. Therefore, it is a good home remedy to remove stretch marks. It is best to buy vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy or a herbalist and apply the liquid on the area affected by stretch marks. Another option is to massage the area with oils rich in vitamin E as the plant olive oil, castor oil, hazelnut oil or soybean oil, among others.

One of the most popular and effective home remedies to prevent and eliminate stretch marks is cocoa butter. It is a vegetable fat having a great moisturizing effect on the skin, helping to protect its elasticity and favouring the disappearance of some scars and stretch marks. Use cocoa butter and cream and apply it right in the area to be treated in the morning and before going to sleep.

The oil rose rosehip and almond oil are two of the best oils you can use to remove stretch marks. Both contain high regenerative properties that act against these marks on the skin, leaving it completely hydrated and nourished. Apply these oils after showering on clean skin, making gentle circular massage.

The avocado is a food that consists of some natural oils that are highly positive to improve skin elasticity, so it is a perfect refreshing and a great home remedy to remove stretch marks. A good treatment you can prepare is to mix the pulp of a ripe avocado mashed well with three tablespoons of olive oil, as this is ideal to regenerate skin. Then, apply on the area affected by stretch marks and leave on for about 40 minutes, approximately.

Another great natural ally to combat stretch marks is the grape. Specifically, the oil extracted from the seeds, thanks to its rich in vitamins, is excellent for skin regeneration, the treatment of stretch marks and for the production of collagen and elastin. When using it, you'll need a cup that is half filled with grape seed oil and a cotton pad. Cotton soaked with oil and apply it in the area with stretch marks, it is a treatment that can be performed daily before bedtime.

Caring for food is essential for a healthy skin and a firmer, smoother appearance. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals will help greatly to prevent stretch marks in some areas of your body. It is advisable to consume fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, vegetable oils and foods rich in vitamin E , not forgetting ingest enough water daily.

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