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New Phase-Change Cooling System From Captherm

For over a decade, the best way to cool your PC has been with a water cooling system. This year at CES 2014 a new product has emerged and introduced what could be the new standard for cooling your PC. The MP1120 from Captherm may have a slightly boring name, but don't let that fool you. This awesome new product that has PC enthusiasts excited is an extremely simple integrated phase change cooler, and it plugs directly into a processor socket adapter. The way that phase change cooling works is by heating up the liquid until it turns into a vapor. Then, the vapor moves to a condenser and is changed back into a liquid and finally returned to the processor. This method cools your PC much more efficiently and does not require the use of a pump. Eliminating the pump also eliminates the risk of break or leaks and annoying noises that you may have to put up with. For Your Next Business Computer Let Computer Service Now's Technicians Help 877-422-1907 The MP1120 is made of corrosion re